Monarchism and Absolutism in Early Modern Europe, eds. C. Cuttica and G. Burgess

Forthcoming from Pickering and Chatto in November 2011.

Info here.

….and just out in paperback  The Renaissance Conscience, eds. H. E. Braun and some guy called Vallance.

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Republic talks – Ted Vallance: A Radical History of Britain

Well, it turns out I didn’t delete the audiofile – so if you couldn’t make it, you can listen to my talk (about 30 mins) by downloading the wma file from here (about 7mb).

Off with their heads!

A belated link to my most recent New Statesman article which was the lead essay in their republicanism vs monarchy issue.

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Scrapping the ‘sexist’ laws of succession

As reported in various newspapers and on the BBC. Phew. That’s a relief. When this goes through our hereditary monarchy will be bang up-to-date.

Great comment on the Telegraph website:

“This has nothing to do with fairness and everything with Marxists trying to undermine the institution of monarchy without raising the alarm. Once the “unfairness” of male succession has been tackled, the unfairness of the hereditary nature of the monarchy. ”

If only.