Dr Who and the Glorious Revolution

This looks fantastic. From the people who brought you Dr. Who vs. Oliver Cromwell.

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The 350th anniversary of Cromwell’s death mini-blog carnival!

As Gavin points out at Investigations of a Dog, strictly speaking we are getting ahead of ourselves here, but this Wednesday it will (sort of) be the 350th anniversary of Cromwell’s death.

To commemorate that fact, I’ve trawled the darkest recesses of the web to bring you news of, amongst other things, Oliver Cromwell’s brush with Dr. Who.

I’ve also looked at the celebrated Edwardian children’s writer, H. E. Marshall’s presentation of Cromwell, arguing that the political outlook of her books was far less conservative than is usually assumed.

Over at Investigations of a Dog, Gavin offers a comparison between the careers of Sir William Balfour and Oliver Cromwell, concluding that the latter’s supposed brilliance as a cavalry officer looks less remarkable when viewed next to the achievements of the less well-known Balfour.

And over at Mercurius Politicus, Nick gives us his opinion of two new books on the Cromwellian Protectorate and its parliaments.

A couple more posts are promised shortly.

Thanks for looking and send in those links if you think I’ve missed something!

Cromwell 350 – Things Noted

A quick trawl of the web reveals the following products/events produced to tie-in with the 350th anniversary of Cromwell’s death.

A number of books are forthcoming or just out on Cromwell. Over at the Guardian, Fintan O’Toole reviews Micháel O Siochrú’s God’s Executioner: Oliver Cromwell and the Conquest of Ireland. Also ‘reviewed’ over here by John Carey in the Sunday Times, but with only one paragraph actually discussing the book. Infuriating. A much more engaged and engaging review is offered by Tom Reilly here: mail-on-sunday-review, a word-doc version of a piece which appeared in the Irish Mail on Sunday.

Some other Cromwellian offerings:

My personal favourite was finding this Dr. Who audio series , ‘The Settling’, featuring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Clive Mantle as, you guessed it, Oliver Cromwell, in an adventure set in Ireland in 1649.

As the author, Simon Guerrier says

While The Settling takes some liberties with historical facts as we know them (adding a time-travelling alien, say), I’ve endeavoured to base it as much on real history as possible.

Over here, the Historical Association is advertising a talk by Dr. David Smith on Cromwell ‘350 years after.’ If you fancy Grimsby in January, toddle along. It’s free for HA members.

Over at the Cromwell Association’s website, there is an article by Patrick Little on Cromwell’s funeral (downloadable as a word-document, as he notes, featuring exactly 1658 words!)

Also, can anyone help with this question, posted over at Yahoo! answers?

And finally, of course, over here I asked ‘Just How Evil Was Oliver Cromwell?’

Okay, go to WHSmith … now

I was getting a bit ahead of myself with my earlier post. My bit for BBC WDYTYA Mag is now out. Don’t all rush at once, the print run is limited.