Thomas Paine podcast

Now up on the BBC History Magazine website with me blathering on once more about the great man. I’ll post a copy of the article that went along with this shortly. You can also subscribe to the podcast through i-tunes and download me to your i-pod, should you be so minded. This is not recommended for those operating machinery or driving heavy goods vehicles as my voice can cause some drowsiness.


No Paine, No Gain

My article on Thomas Paine is just out in the latest issue of BBC History Magazine. US and Canadian readers of this blog can catch a modified version of this article (complete with obligatory photo of Barrack Obama) in the latest BBC Knowledge Magazine. I’m also on BBC History Magazine’s podcast later in June talking about Paine (link to follow.)

The Paine-related fun doesn’t stop there. Aside from my talk at the Thetford Tom Paine festival on 6 June, I’ll also be taking part in the Tom Paine readathon on the same day at 3.30.

All this, of course, to tie in with the publication of my A Radical History of Britain on the 4th June.

Cromwell – the Podcast

Over at BBC History Magazine, John Morrill discusses Cromwell’s controversial legacy.

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Marsden Grotto pictures

I am writing a brief piece on the above for BBC History Magazine and I really need half a dozen good digital images of the Grotto. If anyone has some they didn’t mind me using it would be much appreciated – I can’t offer any financial recompense but you would get a picture credit.

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Andy Wood The 1549 Rebellions and the Making of Early Modern England

My review of Andy Wood’s excellent new book on the ‘commotion time’ is out now in this month’s BBC History Magazine.

PDF below, with thanks to Sue Wingrove and BBC History Magazine for permission to reproduce the text here


To cite:

Andy Wood, ‘The 1549 Rebellions and the Making of Early Modern England’, reviewed by Ted Vallance, BBC History Magazine, 9, no. 5 (May, 2008), p. 67.