Things We Forgot to Remember – The Glorious Revolution

…was on Radio 4 last night with contributions from yours truly. Listen here via BBC i-player.


The Glorious Revolution: 1688 and Britain’s Fight for Liberty

My book, bigged-up in Wired magazine this month.

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Steve Pincus: 1688, the First Modern Revolution

So good I reviewed it twice.

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New Statesman review of Steve Pincus’ 1688:the First Modern Revolution

My review – over here.

Dr Who and the Glorious Revolution

This looks fantastic. From the people who brought you Dr. Who vs. Oliver Cromwell.

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Steve Pincus on the Glorious Revolution

There’s a short Yale interview on youtube with Prof. Steve Pincus discussing the Glorious Revolution.

Prof. Pincus’ new book on 1688 is out at the end of the month in the US and in October in the UK.

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Edward Vallance on the Glorious Revolution: BBC History

My pages for the BBC’s History website on the Glorious Revolution have finally gone live. Everything that you ever wanted to know about 1688 in about 1500 words.

‘American readers will be startled’

but not permanently, I hope, by my ‘The Glorious Revolution: Britain’s Fight for Liberty’, which was given this generous review by Publisher’s Weekly.

The book is out in the US in Pegasus hardback on 18 April.