New Statesman review of Steve Pincus’ 1688:the First Modern Revolution

My review – over here.


Lilburne day 24th Oct

Programme for the above at Birkbeck, University of London (saving the best til last):

24 October 2009



Jason Peacey (UCL):

‘To repair to Westminster: public politics and the trial of John Lilburne’



Phil Baker

Rachel Foxley (Reading):

‘How to criticize John Lilburne’



Jerome de Groot (Manchester) and Jason McElligott (TCD):

‘Lilburne’s legacies’

Ted Vallance (Roehampton):

‘John Lilburne and the historians’

Journal of British Studies – Special Section on Loyalties and Allegiances in Early Modern England

I am very pleased to say that the latest issue of JBS features the special section I co-edited with Angela McShane on the above.


Andy Wood, “A lyttull worde ys tresson”: Loyalty, Denunciation, and Popular Politics in Tudor England”

Ted Vallance, ‘The Captivity of James II: Gestures of Loyalty and Disloyalty in Seventeenth-Century England’

Howard Nenner, ‘Loyalty and the Law: The Meaning of Trust and the Right of Resistance in Seventeenth-Century England’

Angela McShane, ‘Subjects and Objects: Material Expressions of Love and Loyalty in Seventeenth-Century England’