The Renaissance Conscience: Special Issue of Renaissance Studies

This month sees the publication of the special issue of Renaissance Studies I have co-edited with Harald Braun on The Renaissance Conscience. Full list of contents below.

Volume 23 Issue 4 (September 2009)

Special Issue: The Renaissance ConscienceGuest Editors: Harald E. Braun and Edward Vallance


Introduction (p 413-422)
Harald E. Braun, Edward Vallance


Conscience in Renaissance moral thought: a concept in transition? (p 423-444)
M. W. F. Stone

Jean Gerson, moral certainty and the Renaissance of ancient Scepticism (p 445-462)
Rudolf Schüssler

Conscience and the law in Thomas More (p 463-485)
Brian Cummings

‘Guided By God’ beyond the Chilean frontier: the travelling early modern European conscience (p 486-500)
Andrew Redden

Shakespeare’s open consciences (p 501-515)
Christopher Tilmouth

Women’s letters, literature and conscience in sixteenth-century England (p 516-533)
James Daybell

The dangers of prudence: salus populi suprema lex, Robert Sanderson, and the ‘Case of the Liturgy’ (p 534-551)
Edward Vallance

The Bible, reason of state, and the royal conscience: Juan Márquez’s El governador christiano (p 552-567)
Harald E. Braun

Spin doctor of conscience? The royal confessor and the Christian prince (p 568-590)
Nicole Reinhardt


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