A Radical History of Britain – Times Review

A *very* short review of my book in The Times on Friday.


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  1. I bought two copies of A Radical History of Britain this afternoon & read the chapters on Chartism on the bus home. I liked what I read – a very fluent, judicious account written, quite properly, in sympathy with the Chartists. Glad to see Feargus’ actions in April 1848 explained as what they were surely were – wise. Also pleased to see that the notion that Feargus was a poor parliamentarian is not endorsed. Not sure the Land Plan shd. be called ‘folly’ (p.406), though: the movement was flagging after the defeats of 1842 & Feargus’ scheme provoked a huge revival. Lovely conclusion about what Chartism meant to the Chartists & what it means to us. Sadly, in schools, very old fashioned views about Chartism persist. Teachers of Edexcel’s new A2 course on British radicalism 1780-1939 really shd. read this book. I look forward to reading the rest of it.

    • Stephen, many thanks for your kind comments. And for buying not one but two copies of the book!

      • Want to get a copy will waterstones have a copy over here in “sacked”!! Drogheda 😉

        Kind regards

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