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A Radical History of Britain

A Radical History of Britain


It’s not unusual to like military history…

… as Sir Tom Jones reveals in ShortList magazine. Aside from admitting to once buying a Nazi sword in Germany, ‘It was this massive bloody great blade with a swastika imprinted on it. My mum went stark raving bonkers at me’,

Tom also tells readers about his enthusiasm for the 1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham:

‘We’ve had some great scraps with the French over the years. This time [James] Wolfe won, but he was still shot dead, I believe.’

Indeed he was, Sir Tom, indeed he was.

Photo courtesy of landotter/flickr creative commons.

Photo courtesy of landotter/flickr creative commons.

Rethinking Democracy in the English Revolution – the podcast

A recording of my talk to Lancaster Student History Society here (opens as wma file.)

Thanks to the history society for the invite to talk and for their excellent hospitality.

‘”the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he” : What did Thomas Rainborough mean? Re-thinking democracy in the English Revolution.

…is the name of the talk that I am giving to the Lancaster University History Society next Thurs (19th) at 6.30pm.  A preview of pt. 2 of the book. Podcast – technology permitting – to follow.