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It’s been kindly brought to my attention that the History Today editor, Paul Lay, now has his own blog over here. In one of his first posts, he reviews two recent and forthcoming works on the civil war, John Adamson’s edited collection with Palgrave, and Blair Worden’s civil war narrative (out at the end of Jan.)

Worden’s book is obviously designed to chime in with the 360th anniversary of the regicide, also the subject of a conference organised by the London Socialist Historians Group. Perhaps another fitting anniverary for a mini blog carnival?


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  1. I was wondering about doing a post on this. Happy to host something more extensive, or to contribute if you were already wanting to host something!

  2. Happy for you to host Nick!

  3. Hi there,

    Just a note to say thanks for flagging up Paul’s new blog and also that we have two other blogs at the magazine: one on general news and another with the latest book reviews and summaries



    Web Assistant

  4. […] of Charles I’s execution, so expect topical posts (I hope to produce one myself), and word has it that Nick at Mercurius Politicus will be holding a mini-carnival on the […]

  5. […] I rather rashly suggested over at Ted Vallance’s blog that I might pull together a mini-carnival to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the execution of […]

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