Michael Gove, the Glorious Revolution and me…

Apparently, Michael Gove said this at the Conservative Party Conference, last week

‘Instead of being taught about the Magna Carta, the Glorious Revolution and the heroic role of the Royal navy in putting down slavery, our children are [now] either taught to put Britain in the dock or they remain in ignorance of our island story, That is morally wrong, culturally self-defeating – and we would put it right.’

He promised the history curriculum would be overhauled so as once again to highlight ‘the great things that we as Britons have achieved’.

Of course, concerned parents out there, not willing to wait for the imminent Conservative election victory and worried about their kids missing out on some of the great things Britons like William of Orange achieved can buy my The Glorious Revolution: 1688 and Britain’s Fight for Liberty for a mere £7.50 . And…my new book A Radical History of Britain has exactly 73 mentions of Magna Carta. Just £20 in hardback. Out June 09. Lovely.


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