Good grief, yet, yet more Cromwell 350th anniversary fun

It seems the world cannot get enough of Oliver Cromwell. This morning, Today filled their ‘and finally slot’ with a brief discussion between Martyn Bennett and Michael O’ Siochru over Cromwell in Ireland. Martyn Bennett’s staff page also reveals that he has been advising an exhibition based around the theme of Cromwell’s head at the Musee des Beaux Artes in Nimes. (I’ve only been the Musee Carre d’Art – which has a very nice rooftop cafe were overhead pipes blow little jets of cool mist at you.)

Hampton Court Palace and Sidney Sussex, Cambridge (home of Cromwell’s head) both host Cromwell-themed visitor days next month.

Finally, you’ll all be relieved to hear that Hamo Thornycroft‘s statue of Cromwell outside of Parliament has been given a good wax, polish and buff in preparation for the anniversary.


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