Age of Intrigue

While looking at my blog stats I noticed that people had clicked over from the following: an online RPG based in the Restoration period!

Welcome to the Age of Intrigue. This is a historical variant palace politics play-by-post game. We start with a snapshot in history (The Restoration under Charles II of England), and use the past history leading up to game start, including many historical figures as non-player characters, but throw in a healthy dose of fictional characters and deviations from history. Freed from the shackles of actual history, anything can happen. The King could be assassinated. A fictional character could rise to Lord Chancellor. No English history scholars will be at an advantage and we make no apologies for any aspect of the game that deviates from “actual history.” It is the uncertainty about the present and the future that adds zest to a game.

The reign of Charles II was selected because it is a grand moment in history in which corruption was rampant and political and religious intrigues dominated the court. Much as Dumas gave life to a court in France, we give life to a time in English history where the monarch yearned for divine rule, a Parliament was trying to maintain some semblance of power, the arts and sciences were reborn, religious intolerance was barely contained, and the end of a tyrannical and Puritanical rule caused the most libertine period in English history. Virtue was replaced by hedonism. Loyalty gave way to scheming, while duty gave way to ambition.

Come join us in the Age of Intrigue and see if you can survive in a palace of passions, plots, power.

Sounds, well, intriguing

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  1. […] lost sport of erecting castles on little plinthes’. And Edward Vallance reports on the Age of Intrigue, an online RPG based in the Restoration […]

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