Cromwell carnival anyone?

As I’m sure everyone knows, it’s the 350th anniversary of Cromwell’s death this year. I’ve been thinking about organising a mini-blog carnival on Cromwell (assuming nobody else has got there first) so drop me a line if you are interested in contributing. I’ve been in touch with a few Cromwell scholars, including Tom Reilly, author of Cromwell: An Honourable Enemy which caused quite a stir when it was originally published and is being re-issued this year. I’m hoping to put a up a few short articles on Cromwell by people like Tom here to get debate going.

I’m not going to suggest themes – let your imagination run riot.


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  1. Great idea – count me in.

  2. That sounds good. I could do something on his early career as a cavalry officer.

  3. I’ve got a couple of ideas for posts on this – one on Cromwell’s private life (his family, his recreations), on which Patrick Little is starting to write lots but which hasn’t really been a focus in recent years. I also wondered about a roundup of recent work on the Commonwealth and Protectorate. How do you want us to do them? Just post away then you link to them on the day?

  4. Sounds good. Yes, that’s probably easiest. Just post and then I will link to them.

  5. Finally, This is a really great idea to get us all working from different angles it will be amazing what we will uncover I am sure, count me in. A word of on the above, Tom Reilly can hardly be called a scholar!, he is a native of Drogheda who owned a local printing factory,and writes a couple of column inches in the local rag called the life of Reilly which he also printed as a book! ( no offense Tom if your reading but its hardly a MA in History now is it! )-I’m Curious will Tom be commenting on the “Red Legs” here over the next couple of weeks!! Most likely not as he disregards them also in his book. I suggest that a full reference is given in citation of facts, by everyone…..
    Looking forward to this


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