Britain’s Worst Monarch

Over here, the BBC have picked up on English Heritage’s competition to find Britain’s worst monarch. It’s gone down to a shortlist of three with Ed II, Mary QoS and George IV all vying for the top spot.

On the comment strand, it’s nice to see that belief in the ‘Norman Yoke’ is alive and well.

“William I. For his illegal invasion of England. For the introduction of feudalism. For the loss of freedoms under Norman oppression. For the introduction of the first national database – doomsday book. Loss of allodial title

A couple of votes for Charles I, though, personally, I would go for James II as most useless Stuart (dealt a much stronger hand at his accession -packed Parliament, standing army, stronger grip on Ireland and Scotland, relatively healthy royal finances – yet manages to chuck this all away in a mere three years.)


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  1. As one who nominated Charles I on the BBC site, I would accept there is a case to be made for James II. While my first reaction was that Charles’ ultimate end seems a pretty “cut and dried” verdict on his kingship, he never alienated the entire country and was able to make a fight of it for the best part of a decade. But does James’ rapid flight really deliver a verdict as unequivocal as his father’s death? Or is it down to a perception of his lack of support and his resulting loss of confidence? A bottler rather than a devious little autocrat?


  3. Maybe study a tad harder, gents.

  4. This is why these polls are utterly useless: Mary, Queen of Scots was never “Britain’s” worst monarch.

    How stupid can people be?

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