A sad indictment of modern Britain?

My silly post on the evilness of Oliver Cromwell has now overtaken my very serious and important post on How We Should Remember the Levellers as the most popular item on this blog.

Over here, Simon Heffer tells us that David Davis is like Oliver Cromwell. Well, they were certainly both white male MPs with army connections (though Davis only with the TA.) Other than that…

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  1. Not the greatest historical comparison in the world, is it? Particularly this bit:

    “The Roundheads wouldn’t much have liked Gordon Brown’s plans to lock people up for six weeks without charge, nor his plans to issue them all with identity cards, nor to watch them wherever they went by closed-circuit television, nor to bypass Parliament as regularly as this Government has done since 1997.”

    Well yes, perhaps in the 1640s these were anathema to Pym, Hampden and others. But by the 1650s, quite a few Roundheads would have loved these policies – stick malignant royalists in prison without charge, issue the same malignants with ID cards, use CCTV to enforce moral reformation amongst the people (no sabbath-breaking for Sunday sports after that!). And as for bypassing Parliament – well, ahem… Pride’s Purge, the expulsion of the Rump, etc, etc.

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