Could I beat Patrick Dillon in a fight?

I inadvisedly followed Mercurius Politicus’ suggestion to check myself out on technorati and came across this.

I can confirm that I do own several records by the Fall. The shirt, however, was made by Mr. Ted Baker, which isn’t really an improvement on Ben Sherman. Apparently, I also look a bit like this bloke from Spooks.

I await the outcome of this historical showdown with baited breath, but where, oh where, is Tim Harris in all this?


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  1. The answer Edward is that I didn’t get sent a free copy of Tim’s book. Simple as that.

    Am tickled pink to discover that my wild guesses based on your author photo proved alarming accurate.

    Round two of The Glorious Stereo Reading Experiment will probably be posted up towards the end of the week.

    Betcha can’t wait!

  2. Surely everyone who’s written about the Glorious Revolution must own a copy of I Am Kurious Oranj. It’s the key to understanding the whole thing. 😉

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