Allan Macinnes and the BBC’s new history of ‘Scotland’

An interesting post by Oxonienses concerning Professor Macinnes’ withdrawal from working as a consultant on this new BBC history series, fronted by the now ubiquitous Neil Oliver. The article in the Scotsman (unfortunately the link no longer appears to work) certainly appeared to cause a storm, with over 600 comments on the post. I have to say that it sounds to me as if the problems with the series as described by Prof Macinnes have less to do with an Anglo-centric perspective and more to do with the overall conservatism of the directors and producers of TV history. Simon Schama’s History of Britain was, after all, really a history of the monarchy (at least David Starkey’s C4 series was upfront about this). Justin Champion did a very good job of unpicking the problems with TV history in his review of Schama’s series for HWJ.


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  1. I have more serious things to say, like about AD Lindsay and the Putney debates, but I have been pondering the prospect of a clockwork Neil Oliver (Allover) doll, whose long locks wave in the air just a fraction above the little key rotating in the middle of his back as the spring winds down. The sight of him walking his walk across floor after floor and field after field can now reduce me to helpless mirth. Is the name for him presenter or precentor?

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