Liverpool Early Modern Seminar 28th April – John Cooper

Message from Anne McLaren about our latest early modern seminar:

Dear all,

I am very pleased to announce that Dr. John Cooper will give a paper at the Early Modern Studies seminar series. On Monday, 28 April, 5.00 pm (Board Room, School of History), Dr Cooper will speak on ‘‘The very walles of this our Island: Sir Francis Walsingham and western planting’. All are warmly invited to attend; a brief abstract is given below.

Dr. Cooper is a Lecturer in History at the University of York and author of Propaganda and the Tudor State: Political Culture in the Westcountry (Oxford University Press, 2003). He is an advisor to the State Papers Online project. This paper is part of a larger project, a monograph on Sir Francis Walsingham.

We will take John out for dinner at the Side Door after the seminar, and all who wish to join us are cordially invited to do so. Please email Dr. Harald Braun by Friday, so that we will have an idea about numbers. Thanks.

Best wishes,

Anne McLaren


Dr John Cooper, University of York

As privy councillor and principal secretary, Sir Francis Walsingham (c.1532-90) was one of the most powerful forces in Elizabethan government. Biographies of Walsingham tend to focus on his diplomacy and intelligence networks, overlooking his role in promoting the westward expansion of the English nation in Ireland and the Americas. By examining Walsingham’s connections with such promoters of empire as John Dee and Richard Hakluyt, I explore the ideology of English colonisation during the 1570s and 80s, and seek to incorporate an Irish and Atlantic world perspective into Elizabethan English history.


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