Lisa Jardine’s ‘Going Dutch’ – are these reviews related?

So good, the Torygraph reviewed it twice, with mixed results. One by Adam Nicolson, another by Noel Malcolm. Hmmm, shome mishtake shurely?

Over here, the Guardian sub-editor claims, disingenuously, that Sir Keith Thomas “enjoyed” Jardine’s book, (perhaps they mean “enjoyed pointing out her mistakes”?.)

Also reviewed by John Adamson in the Literary Review (who obviously couldn’t resist the temptation to invoke Sellar and Yeatman) and by Peter Ackroyd in the Times.


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  1. The link to John Adamson’s piece in the Literary Review does not, alas, work. It is to The Guradian, in fact.

  2. Thanks. Link should work now.

  3. I missed Peter Conrad’s review in the Observer,,2271312,00.html

    – picked up by Mercurius Politicus – I think this is the toughest review I’ve read in a long time.

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