Ariel Hessayon, Gold Tried in the Fire: TheaurauJohn Tany and the English Revolution

Currently reading the above. The author’s approach is unusual to say the least. I’d be interested to know what other readers made of it.


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  1. At that price I’m not likely to own a copy any time soon, and my usual academic library doesn’t have it, but I’m intrigued now – I like anything unusual. It’s hard to tell what it’s like from the short excerpt on Amazon. The first few pages just seem like fairly standard scene-setting for a microhistory, so I assume it gets more unusual later on.

  2. It is pricey.

    From the intro you might think that the book was a Ginzburgian, Cheese and the Worms-style exploration of the mental world of one early modern individual, but it isn’t. In fact, the only way I think I can describe it is to say that the author has tried to mirror the writing style of his subject. You certainly won’t have read another history book like it.

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