Early Modern Virtual Research Group Seminars

Fellow early modernists might not be aware of this, but it looks an exciting and worthy project: a series of virtual seminars conducted via video conferencing software on the broad theme of ‘Different constructions of the polity and commonwealth.’

If nothing else, the link above features pictures of some of Britain’s finest early modern historians looking a bit confused by all this new technology.


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  1. This is very interesting news but, alas, the link does not work for me.

  2. Should work. Click on ‘this’ in the post above and then navigate around the site – or paste in the following into your browser


  3. I have now managed to access the site via Hull University. The participants do not look entirely comfortable on their screens but maybe no one would in this form of communication.

  4. I can get into the site, but how do you watch the videos? Or is it just for the privileged elite (which would be quite ironic considering some of the people taking part)?

  5. I think you will need to be signed up with them and have downloaded the software – which is freeware I think. As far as I can tell, most of these virtual seminars, like the one we are holding at Liverpool below have been conducted via university technology suites but I think if you have a webcam or a laptop with one built-in, you should be able to join the party.

    EARLY MODERN VIRTUAL RESEARCH GROUP SEMINAR: Wednesday, 16 April, 3pm, Access Grid Room, Mathematical Sciences Building, University of Liverpool

    Dr. Anne McLaren, School of History, University of Liverpool, will speak on:

    There will be a presentation of ca. twenty minutes on a pre-circulated paper, followed by discussion.

    The Early Modern Virtual Research Group uses Access Grid technology (a high-spec form of web-based video-conferencing technology) to bring together 20 scholars from 14 UK institutions. This seminar is associated with the research project on ‘Different constructions of the polity and commonwealth’ at the University of Hull. For more information on The Early Modern Virtual Research Group, please see: http://www.earlymoderntexts.org/vrg/index.html

    For copies of the paper, please contact Dr. Anne McLaren at a.mclaren01@liv.ac.uk.

    If you would like to join the speaker for dinner afterwards, please contact Harald E. Braun, School of History, University of Liverpool at h.e.braun@liv.ac.uk.

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