God’s Fury, England’s Fire

by Mike Braddick is out now.

Very reasonably priced at only £18 too. Some reviews out as well. A rather grudging one from Diane Purkiss in the FT, who still appears to be in a bit of snit about some of the responses (i.e. John Adamson’s) to her own ‘people’s’ history of the English Civil War (an odd title, given, as Adamson pointed out, the almost complete absence of any ‘ordinary’ people from its pages.)

Much more generous reviews here in the THES by R.C.Richardson and in the Spectator by Robert Stewart.

Still sniffing round for a review copy myself, but would be interested to hear if others have taken a look at it yet.


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  1. I toyed with the idea of buying this when I was browsing through bookshops in Oxford this weekend – the cheapest I found was £25 so I’m glad I didn’t! I’m keen to get hold of a copy so will hopefully be posting about it quite soon. The FT review does seem a bit uncharitable…

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