Kett’s memorial

Kett’s memorial, originally uploaded by historymonkey.

A memorial to Robert Kett outside of Norwich Castle (Kett was executed here and then his body hung from the castle walls in irons as a warning to future would-be rebels). I had to take this photo at 9.30 in the morning (before the castle itself actually opened). I tried to take some early evening the day before, but it became clear that the grounds around the castle were the main place for local yoof to get drunk, hurl abuse at each other/passers-by and get involved in fights with either themselves or the police.

There’s some good stuff by Andy Wood, I.M.W. Harvey and others about the popular memory of revolt and the way in which rebels revisit historically significant spaces. I’d like to think that the young people of Norwich were being similarly transgressive.

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  1. My name is Peter Louis Kett

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