In no particular order,

Dick Gaughan ‘Ballad of 84’

Attila the Stockbrocker – Maggots 1 Thatcher 0

Gonna Laugh When Margaret Thatcher Dies – The Forlorn Hope

Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher – Deborah Holland

Margaret Thatcher, We Still Hate Her – Terry Edwards
Miss Maggie- Renaud (unusual French entry here)

The Pogues, Birmingham Six

Heaven 17, ‘We don’t need this fascist groove thang’

Ewan MacColl, ‘What did you do in the strike Daddy?’

Magi Thatcher – Daffyd Iwan a’r Band (this is in Welsh, so I’ve no idea if it’s anti-Thatcher but the tone of the chap’s voice suggests that it is)

Thatcher F*cked the Kids – Frank Turner
Thatcher –  Ad Nauseum
Still Hate Thatcher – The Horror
Still Fighting Thatcher – Hard Skin
Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher –  Billy Elliot Soundtrack (” we all =20
celebrate Christmas, cos’ it’s one day closer to your death”)

Angelic Upstarts-“Two Million Voices”
The Blow Monkeys-“She Was Only a Grocer’s Daughter” (whole album)
Billy Bragg-“Island of No Return”
Billy Bragg-“Waiting for the Great Leap Forward”
Kate Bush-“Army Dreamers”
Elvis Costello-“Shipbuilding”
Elvis Costello-“Tramp the Dirt Down”‘
Crass-“How Does It Feel to be the Mother of 1000 Dead?”
Crass-“Sheep Farming in the Falklands”
Crass-“Yes Sir, I Will” (the whole album)
The English Beat-“Stand Down Margaret”
The Exploited-“Maggie”
Fine Young Cannibals-“Blue”
Hefner-“The Day That Thatcher Dies”
Iain Dale-“The Falklands Hymn”
Inner City Unit-“Blue Rinse Haggard Robot”
Iron Maiden-“Como Estais Amigos”
The Jam-“Town Called Malice”
Jethro Tull-“Hard Times”
Kitchens of Distinction-“Margaret’s Injection”
The Levellers-“Another Man’s Cause”
Kirsty MacColl-“Free World”
Christy Moore-“Taking Tea With Pinochet”
Morrissey-“Margaret on the Guillotine”
New Model Army-“The Spirit of the Falklands”
The Notsensibles-“I’m in Love with Margaret Thatcher”
Pink Floyd-“The Final Cut” (the whole album)
The Specials-“Ghost Town” and cover of ‘Maggie’s Farm’
Sting-“We Work the Black Seam”
The The, ‘Heartlands’ ‘The Beat(en) Generation’,  ‘Armageddon days  are here again’

Richard Thompson-“Mother Knows Best”
UB40-“Madame Medusa”

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  1. You mention one song by The Jam but forgot another:
    “That’s Entertainment”.

  2. Hmm. Any pro-Thatcher songs? Anti-Thatcher songs are two-a-penny; would be nice to hear anything that deviated from the entertainment industry party line.

  3. for a truth seeking petition on thatchers role in the Saudi/BAE deal add your name to,

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