Paris Hilton – Beefheart fan

Paris Hilton - Beefheart fan

I’m guessing this a Photoshop job, or maybe Paris really likes ‘Trout Mask Replica’.

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An unparalell’d Tincture for Leanness

which proceeds from a Cause that few know, but easily remov’d by this excellent Tincture, which fortifies the Stomach, purifies the Blood, takes off Fretfulness in the Mind, occasions Rest, and easy Sleep, and as certainly disposes and causes the Body to thirve, and become plump and fleshy, if no manifest Distemper afflicts the Patient, as Water will quench Fire; and this it absolutely performs in Persons of either Sex, or any Age, in a very some Time to Admiration. ‘Tis also the best Remedy in Nature for all Chronick Diseases, that take their Rise from a bad Digestion in the Stomach, which this unparalell’d Tincture assuredly rectifies, and thereby infallibly cures. Is sold only by the Author’s Appointment, at the Gentlewoman’s at the Two Blue Posts in Heydon-Yard in the Minories at 3s 6d a Bottle, with Directions.

The Daily Courant, no 7007, Mon, April 6, 1724

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CSA, eighteenth-century style

‘The Gentleman who left his Family in February last, is earnestly desired by his Unkle Mr J.G. to let him know by a Line, how he may direct a Letter that may come to the said Gentleman’s Hand, which he believes will be very much to his Satisfaction, and will be a Means to preserve his Wife and Children from Ruin, some Directions being wanting from him, and his said Unkle solemnly assures him no Discovery shall be made by such Correspondence.’

From The Daily Courant, no 6815, Sat Aug 24, 1723

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A House in James Street, Westminster

near Buckingham House, having a Prospect into St James’s Parl forward, and into pleasant Gardens backward; it has two Pair of Stairs, one of which is of Stone; and the better to secure it from Fire, it stands detach’d. It is strongly built, and compleatly finished by Mr. Hawksmoor. Enquire at the House’

The Daily Courant, No 6811, Tues Aug 20 1723

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Estate agent’s hype – eighteenth-century style

‘To be Lett ready Furnished,

One of the best and largest Houses in Conduit-street,near the Chapel; the Furniture is very good, and perfectly clean, the Offices below Stairs extreamly convenient, Fore and Back Stairs all the Way up, and a good Garden behind the House. Inquire at Clare’s Coffee-house in Conduit-Street, near Hanover Square and know further. N. B. It was lately inhabited by a Person of Quality.’

From The Daily Courant, no 6529, Mon Sept 24, 1722.

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 In no particular order,

Dick Gaughan ‘Ballad of 84’

Attila the Stockbrocker – Maggots 1 Thatcher 0

Gonna Laugh When Margaret Thatcher Dies – The Forlorn Hope

Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher – Deborah Holland

Margaret Thatcher, We Still Hate Her – Terry Edwards
Miss Maggie- Renaud (unusual French entry here)

The Pogues, Birmingham Six

Heaven 17, ‘We don’t need this fascist groove thang’

Ewan MacColl, ‘What did you do in the strike Daddy?’

Magi Thatcher – Daffyd Iwan a’r Band (this is in Welsh, so I’ve no idea if it’s anti-Thatcher but the tone of the chap’s voice suggests that it is)

Thatcher F*cked the Kids – Frank Turner
Thatcher –  Ad Nauseum
Still Hate Thatcher – The Horror
Still Fighting Thatcher – Hard Skin
Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher –  Billy Elliot Soundtrack (” we all =20
celebrate Christmas, cos’ it’s one day closer to your death”)

Angelic Upstarts-“Two Million Voices”
The Blow Monkeys-“She Was Only a Grocer’s Daughter” (whole album)
Billy Bragg-“Island of No Return”
Billy Bragg-“Waiting for the Great Leap Forward”
Kate Bush-“Army Dreamers”
Elvis Costello-“Shipbuilding”
Elvis Costello-“Tramp the Dirt Down”‘
Crass-“How Does It Feel to be the Mother of 1000 Dead?”
Crass-“Sheep Farming in the Falklands”
Crass-“Yes Sir, I Will” (the whole album)
The English Beat-“Stand Down Margaret”
The Exploited-“Maggie”
Fine Young Cannibals-“Blue”
Hefner-“The Day That Thatcher Dies”
Iain Dale-“The Falklands Hymn”
Inner City Unit-“Blue Rinse Haggard Robot”
Iron Maiden-“Como Estais Amigos”
The Jam-“Town Called Malice”
Jethro Tull-“Hard Times”
Kitchens of Distinction-“Margaret’s Injection”
The Levellers-“Another Man’s Cause”
Kirsty MacColl-“Free World”
Christy Moore-“Taking Tea With Pinochet”
Morrissey-“Margaret on the Guillotine”
New Model Army-“The Spirit of the Falklands”
The Notsensibles-“I’m in Love with Margaret Thatcher”
Pink Floyd-“The Final Cut” (the whole album)
The Specials-“Ghost Town” and cover of ‘Maggie’s Farm’
Sting-“We Work the Black Seam”
The The, ‘Heartlands’ ‘The Beat(en) Generation’,  ‘Armageddon days  are here again’

Richard Thompson-“Mother Knows Best”
UB40-“Madame Medusa”

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